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Automatics are ideal for those struggling to learn to drive using a normal gearbox.

An automatic car is much easier to drive, with starting , stopping, and steering all much easier to perform. An automatic car has only two pedals (accelerator & brake) and hence far fewer things to concentrate on for a novice driver.

This provides a benefit in that an automatic means there is no clutch pedal. This means you don’t have to concern yourself about stalling the car, crunching your gears, or finding the biting point of the clutch. You are left to concentrate more fully on the road ahead.

As a result, learning to drive in an automatic car reduces out the amount of time needed to master the mechanical skills required for driving a normal multi speed gearbox.

For some drivers who are looking to get on the road as quick as possible, it may be better to have an automatic-only licence. Automatic cars are generally easier and quicker to learn in, since there is no emphasis on learning to use the clutch or gearstick.

Not only are they easier (and more relaxing) to drive than a manual, in some cases they can be better on fuel and can cost less to maintain.

They also reduce the chance of parts going wrong – for example, if your clutch control isn’t perfect, you won’t wear out the clutch in an automatic car.

As well as being easier to drive, in some cases automatic versions of cars can actually be more efficient than their manual counterparts.

They can be faster, too – many dual-clutch transmissions in particular can change gears quicker than humans can, shaving crucial tenths of a second off the 0-62mph time.

Express Pass Crash Courses have small medium sized automatic cars for you to learn to drive in, and our patient driving instructors will teach you in accordance with your current skill levels and driving abilities so you will be in the best possible position to pass your driving test first time.


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